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Custom cakes for any occasion.


fondant and gum paste

painted cakes

(Vegan, GF, and Sugar free offered in certain flavors)

We always say we can make any flavor into a cake. 

Let's go beyond vanilla!

Wanna try the best chocolate cake in NYC? 

Lady Ashton's Chocolate Cake,

it will not disappoint!


Pies aren't just for the holidays


Enjoy your pie with a side of Jazz

Dandy Wellington and his band

Pie, Coffee and You



Anything you can dream of, we can make happen. 

The possibilities are endless:

cookies, cupcakes, brownies and bars, breads,muffins, donuts, pastries.

let's get creative!



Baking with booze is one of our favorite things to do. 

Most of our desserts have complex layering in flavors and you will find a lot of spirits do the same.

We love to break down the flavor profiles of these spirits and not only showcase them into a dessert but to bring out those flavor notes as well.

Do you work for a spirit company or enjoy a specific one, order some dessert, let's have fun!