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Ashton Warren

  Ashton Warren arrived in NYC in 2005, chasing the dream of becoming a fashion designer. She graduated FIT with a concentration in evening wear in 2007 and decided to tackle the bridal market. After a meeting with a mentor she was told to combine passions she has in life into a business, so Ashton decided to enroll in the Pastry Arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education, her goal, to make wedding cakes and wedding dresses.


While Ashton was working on her degree and her first bridal collection she took a hostess job at Restaurant Marc Forgione. Through a few fortunate events, Ashton asked to help the chef out with a chocolate cake recipe. Lady Ashton’s Chocolate Cake became one of the most popular desserts on the menu and allowed Ashton to enter into the Executive Pastry Chef position at the restaurant.


During her time as pastry chef at Marc Forgione, the restaurant received 2 stars from the NY Times, citing her dessert in the review and consecutive years of a Michelin Star.


Since leaving the restaurant Lady Ashton has become a pastry consultant and Pastry chef at different restaurants and bakeries throughout NYC and New Jersey.


Although the dream of making wedding dresses is long gone, Ashton found her place in the kitchen and hopes to have a store front in the near future.


Lady Ashton has been featured on

-Amazing Wedding Cakes Season 1

-Sandra Lee’s Restaurant Remakes (Episode: SQ0104H)

-Marc Forgione Cook Book

-Chopped Sweets (S1 Ep11: cake stakes)

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